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    Living life energetically aware has many benefits.


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  • About Peggy


    Peggy Phoenix Dubro is the originator of the EMF Balancing Technique®. She is a joyful and loving teacher, a distinguished international speaker, and a true pioneer in the field of human-to-human energy dynamics. Her EMF energy work (Electromagnetic Field Balancing) is delivered with honor and respect to each individual and all of humanity. Her work was born in 1988 during a multidimensional experience of no beginning and no end in the power and energy of Infinite Love! She discovered and experienced an evolutionary system in the human energy body known worldwide as the Universal Calibration Lattice®.
    At that time, Peggy received this message: “One day humans will know the importance of the human electromagnetic field and its role in conscious evolution.” That day is here; it is now widely accepted that consciousness affects reality, and the more coherent the consciousness, the better! Our ability to know and understand the process of healing is evolving rapidly on many levels. It is highly beneficial to consciously develop new skills and abilities to live our daily lives in a focused state of clarity and presence. There is so much more to say about this technique that honors the profoundly unique wisdom of each person and merges the linear and multidimensional expressions of who we are now in the healing spirit of collective unity. For the first time, her classic work, the EMF Balancing Technique®, is available online at her ecampus. For more information, you are invited to go to www.PeggyPhoenixDubro.com.
    Peggy remains dedicated to creating practical energy tools to use personally or professionally for assistance in our ongoing evolution as energetically aware beings. In a state of “interrupted arrogance” (Funny story for another time.) Peggy promised to honor the efforts everyone makes to expand consciousness. Therefore all of her energy tools are complementary to any other modalities you may be using and love. Her latest works are presented as Master Activations Series, taught online in multiple languages. Open to all, the various Master Activations Series are another way to work with developing your ability to focus and direct your energy with conscious coherence in a state of peace-filled empowerment. These Activations are first for you to use personally. In addition, they are beautiful and powerful tools that you can use professionally. Everything is provided for you to joyfully work with these tools. As we all know, there are times to allow the energy to simply flow, and there are times to consciously direct the energy, each is an expression of evolutionary balance, in the energy and power of Infinite Love . . . of course. Master Activations with Peggy generate the frequencies of wholehearted evolution, and in this time of conscious quantum leaps, the presence of your wholehearted Mastery is requested!


    Kryon Summer-Light Conference


    Sedona is where I live and to be part of this event is so exciting. For many reasons, this is a very special reunion for all of us.

    I will be part of the Kryon Summer-Light Conference in Sedona, and also presenting an Additional Breakout Session. I would be absolutely delighted to see you there!

    Step by Step and Then...

    A Quantum Leap!

    24th June 2023 In-Person event in Rome

    We will meet in Rome for an Evolutionary Phoenix Experience on Saturday 24th June 2023, from 9.30 to 18.00 and the event will be in English with Italian translation.

    It has been years since I have been to Europe and the city of Rome has specifically "called" for this energetic event. I would be absolutely delighted to see you there!

    The venue is for 50 people only, so if you want to be there, please register as soon as possible.


    Living Energetically Aware

    Reflections & Master Activation

    OUR World Vision! Phoenix Style

    in English with Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian & Italian translation

    Is it possible our world vision and why we incarnated here is encoded in our DNA? What can we discover and co-create, as we define our world vision as the evolutionaries we are? We know it is essential we empower our world vision without imposing on others what their vision should be. We will practice freely bringing our perceptions of a unified world vision together, and discover what is possible for us to co-create now. We are consciously committed to standing together, unique and united!


    Living Energetically Aware

    NEW! Reflections & Master Activation
    Your Power of Conscious Commitment, Phoenix Style!

    in English with Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian & Italian translation

    There are deep cycles of evolutionary change before us. This is why we came here! Our next calibration is very clear. As wise, wholehearted, multidimensional you, would you like to be more commited to co-creating and living your life of choice? Would you like to increase your ability to follow through on life projects that are important to you? Are you ready to learn a profund way to practice directing and regulating your most precious resource, your personal energy? Enjoy consistently doing what you say you want to do, and the rewards that come with this energetic ccommitment to your happiness and well-being.

    The Power of Purpose, Phoenix Style!

    Master Activation Series

    in English with Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian & Italian translation

    As promised, we are ready to activate the profound frequencies of purpose for these times of transformation! Together, in our wholehearted energetic presence, we will encourage one another to review and redefine our expression of what it means to live in the frequencies of purpose now and for the coming years.

    You will explore the multidimensional power of purpose through your electromagnetic nature utilizing the Universal Calibration Lattice, your toroid of consciousness.

    The Power of Presence, Phoenix Style!

    Master Activation

    in English with Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian & Italian translation

    Beginning on August 20th!

    Welcome to an activation of energetic awareness through your evolving Body Presence, your precious Soul Presence, in your spirit of Infinite Love Presence! Through your toroid of consciousness, the Universal Calibration Lattice, you will evolve your ability to master your most precious resource: your personal energy. Now you are invited to activate your Core Consciousness to integrate and radiate the ever-evolving frequencies now available for the transformation of yourself and all life.

    IMAGINE: Evolutionary Timelines!

    Empowered Choice, Phoenix Style

    Master Activation Series

    in English with Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian & Italian translation

    Beginning on April 9th!

    Now is the time to step up as the wise wholehearted multidimensional Being you are in the energy and wisdom of Infinite Love! This Master Activation Series will activate new abilities to consciously choose and skillfully set new timelines. In the frequencies of these new abilities, we can co-create our realities, personally an collectively, with the clarity and focus required for these evolutionary vibrational and transformational times.

    EMF Balancing Technique® Online:

    The Universal Calibration Lattice® (UCL) Workshop & Phases I-IV Training

    in English with Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian & Italian translation

    After 22 years of teaching the EMF Balancing Technique® e in multiple languages all around the world, I am delighted to be offering this elegant and comprehensive Personal Growth Program in an interactive, online format. In this era of the Great Evolution, we are raising the frequency of our energy in a most conscious and coherent way, personally and collectively. On some level each of us know we chose to be here at this very time!

    Film The 1 Field Now Available!

    After over five years of divine dedication, the movie "The 1 Field" is finally ready! This wonderful film honors the energies of evolution rising within humanity. It is time to know and express wholeheartedly more of who we are. I am very honored to be part of this extraordinary documentary with leading experts such as Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Lee Carroll, Professor Konstantin Korotkov,Lynne Mc Taggart, Robert Haig Coxon, Anders Holte, and more...

  • "The 1 Field": Amazing Results in Experiment with Dr. Korotkov

    As it appears on the film "The 1 Field", on July 24th 2016, Peggy took part in an international experiment with the renowned Russian scientist Dr.Konstantin Korotkov to measure energy activation from a distance, in some cases literally halfway around the world. There were five and sometimes six cameras recording the experiment, all synchronized to local time. The results were clear and powerful. Dr. Korotkov announced to Peggy “The energy you work with and activate, the energy of Infinite Love, is indeed powerful!”

    Peggy invites you to activate more of the energy of Infinite Love for yourself and others. As promised, this website is filled with new activation tools for the new energy.

    Special thanks to documentary filmmaker Tsipi Raz for coordinating the experiment with Dr. Korotkov, and her dedicated efforts in making the brilliant documentary titled “The 1 Field”, a film demonstrating just how connected we really are, wherever we are in this world. Her vision helps us know it is time for us to live in universal peace!


    Another very special thank you halfway around the world to Tamar Genisher, whose loving presence and insightful inspiration throughout the years helped to make this possible.

    More information

    In this image, Tamar was sitting with her back to the screen when Peggy activated energy from a distance at two separate times. Tamar was not able to see or hear Peggy, nor did she know when Peggy was there or what she was doing.

    There were five and sometimes six cameras recording the experiment, all synchronized to local time. Dr. Korotkov measured the energy with several different devices, some of them connected to Tamar´s body while others measured the energies of the studio. Dr. Korotkov concluded the energy Peggy works with is indeed powerful.

    This graph shows the variations in Tamar´s energy when Peggy activated energy the first time (number 1) when she left (number 2), when she came back and activated again (number 3) and when she left (number 4). The graph shows a very interesting and dramatic variation (marked as A) in between activations.

    Dr. Korotkov was very surprised with this variation that created a strong measured result. What also surprised him is that this peak was reached in between activations, not during any of them. So, he went back to review the footage of that day to see what happened in the exact moment when this change happened.

    Dr. Korotkov found the peak happened in the exact same moment Tamar felt an urge to touch her High Heart center just as Peggy had done when she began the activation. At that moment Peggy was activating the energy of Infinite Love for Tamar with respect and honor for her and who she is in her wholeness.

    When Tamar placed her hands on her heart, she accepted the activation and responded according to her inner wisdom. The results of this activation were clear and powerful. This is something that anyone can do, and Peggy can teach you how!

    Note from Peggy Phoenix Dubro:

    It is with great joy I honor all the experiments from all the other energy workers in this film. Each one helps to demonstrate how connected we all are. All of the energy tools I offer are based in the energy of Infinite Love, an energy I experienced when I became one with the Field. The resonance of a love with no beginning and no end is integral to my understanding of the Field. The Universal Calibration Lattice is an extension of our consciousness, a system in your personal energy anatomy that supports you in knowing your connection to the Field in a most coherent way. This extension of consciousness supports our ability to tap into the Field and to translate new and usable knowledge into our daily life. We are evolutionaries, here to evolve ourselves and our world. We are unique and … united!

    Heart to Heart in Infinite Love …


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    Calibrate your energy to reach your most precious goals and desires. This session creates energy patterns of support that will help you to move forward in your life of choice. You can learn this tool to work with your own intentions or with others.

    EMF Express

    Built on the powerful and elegant pillars of the EMF Balancing Technique®, the EMF Express energy is here to help us master our most precious resource, our personal energy, as we learn to live more energetically aware in daily life. Our focus is on nurturing wholeheartedly in the energy of Infinite Love. This love is alive, electrical, and transformative. The EMF Express delivers this energy quickly and easily.


    With this tool you will work with 36 rings of golden energy and learn how to combine 12 distinct healing energy patterns to create unique, one of a kind energy sessions for yourself, your loved ones, clients, and groups! Experience a session o become a Facilitator!

    EMF Balancing Technique

    A powerful tool to strengthen and balance your personal energy and reach new levels of peace filled empowerment. Practiced in over 70 countries, this technique offers a complete educational program. There are 13 sessions available! Experience them or become an EMF Practitioner.

    Heart of the Universal Human

    Personal, collective, and planetary energies are rising in frequency at a new speed of evolutionary enlightenment. This is the perfect time for a quantum leap in our abilities and to understand ourselves as Universal Humans. What is possible and what is a Universal Human able to do?

    Let´s meet, activate, align and co-create online a unique group coherence, celebrating our collective unity while at the same time amplifying the unique expression of your precious individuality.

    Universal Mind Fusion

    Activation & Alignments

    We are at a most auspicious moment in accepting responsibility for ourselves as we become aware of the potentials of our new ways of living. These new ways will include how to live in support of one another. Experience the new energy dynamics of the Universal Calibration Lattice interface with the Universal Mind Field. This experience will accelerate your ability to know, act and "go quantum" in new ways that are uniquely yours!

    Universal Presence

    Activation & Alignments

    Accelerate and increase your personal expression of Universal Presence, sending a message to yourself on many levels including your DNA that you are ready, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to generate new states of consciousness to strengthen your higher reasoning abilities. In these heightened states of energy awareness, we generate frequencies of transformational benevolence, manifesting a life of profound peace and prosperity for ourselves, inspiring others to know these states of consciousness for themselves. The Great Evolution is here!

    The Universal Energy of Money

    Activation & Alignments

    Are you ready to know more about the universal energies of money and how to effectively express these energies as part of co-creating your life of choice? Welcome to a most practical and highly spiritual aspect of your evolution. Living life energetically aware, we are going “Universal” to transform our relationship with the energy of money!

    Universal Diplomacy! Multidimensional Co-Creators All

    in English with Spanish, Italian, Portuguese & Hungarian translation

    This year 2019 is the foundational grounding point for our evolutionary co-creations. The choices we make now will affect our lives personally and collectively for many years to come. In our time together, we will stand side by side to calibrate a more harmonious internal relationship with the unique nature of who we are as muldimiensional beings! Co-Creating Universal Diplomacy in the energy of Infinite Love and compassion brings peace within. Let´s do this!

    YOU Are a Universal Bridge of Grace!

    in English with Spanish, Italian & Hungarian translation

    Let us wholeheartedly embrace our abilities TO BE the bridges of grace we are capable of becoming. Doing this in a supportive community, with others who are wholeheartedly committed to this transformation, strengthens the energy and light exponentially. There are enough of us here to make a significant difference in raising the frequency of energetic awareness for now and future generations. Let´s do this!

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    in English. Translation into other languages is also available.


    Gregg Braden

    New York Times bestselling author of The God Code, The Divine Matrix & Fractal Time​

    "Peggy’s innovative work with the field of all life leads us to the place in ourselves where love, healing, and peace begin. Her techniques are practical, effective, and they work "

    James Tyberron

    Author & Channel for Archangel Metatron​

    “I met Peggy in Banff Canada in 1997, and received one of the most amazing healings of my life. The energy was utterly astonishing,so pure, so potent and so balancing...”

    Lee Carroll

    Author of the Kryon material​

    “Peggy sees humanity differently than most... she looks at you without judgment, and she looks at other teachers and other energy modalities without judgment. For she understands the integrity and the intent of the heart. And so it is that there has been no accident that this profound teacher is here today on the planet.”


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