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How I see you in the Energy of Infinite Love

How do I see you in the energy of Infinite Love? In my mind and in my heart, I have a deep appreciation for you as a unique expression of the Universe, truly a master in practice living a sacred process of translating and becoming the full embodiment of the divine within you. In my eyes and in my heart, I feel your core energy and know you as a transmitter of the energy of wholeness, holiness. You are here to achieve your highest potential and, in so doing, you inspire others to achieve their highest potential. You are here, we are here, in accordance with our inner wisdom, to bring forth a new consciousness of well-being, personally and collectively. In all these ways I know or see you in the energy of infinite love, I believe in us, and am constantly falling more deeply in love!

Because I see us in all these ways, I am constantly aware of the new energy patterns of wholeness we are capable of expressing, and that is why the online series of activations and alignments we have been doing for the past two years are so important. They provide energy tools to transmit and manifest new expressions of wholeness in ourselves. When we acknowledge our capability, these tools open us to the never-ending flow of Infinite Love, and unleash the powerful energy of that love into our lives, inspiring others to do the same according to their inner wisdom.

The activations and alignments for these new tools are delivered in three distinct parts. In the first session, the patterns of activation for the intent of the series are initiated by the group. In the resonance of these new patterns, I channel and translate the energies into words of understanding and pure encouragement. In the second session the activation becomes fully established. In the third session, alignments with energy patterns are delivered that enable and support the transmission of the activation to others in the pure resonance of wholeness.

Regardless of what is happening in my life, I am driven to be a conduit for these new energies and the tools associated with them, or, more simply put, I can't seem to stop! I see the patterns of wholeness that are ours to integrate and manifest in this time of the Great Evolution. These energy tools work because they are the truth of who we are individually and collectively. I love us in our wholeness, and know without a doubt we are the ones we have waited for! Thank you.

Heart to Heart in Infinite Love,

Peggy Phoenix Dubro

PS I am now more open than broken! Thank you again for all your love and support.