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Broken Open, Next Chapter... With Love to You!

Dear Wonderful Co-Creators! 

Last month I wrote to you about a "surprise" adventure on my journey in the Great Evolution. I finished with these words:
"I know that healing does not always happen in the way we think it should, so I continue to live and practice everything I believe, teach and more! And for sure, Infinite Love is always present! At this point I know there will be another chapter in the story now titled "Broken ... Open."

Chapter 3

Great Gratitude!

It has now been 4 weeks since my "surprise" surgery. I want to give my wholehearted thanks for the powerful love and support I received on many levels from all of you. I have read every word in every post each one of you wrote, and I am in loving gratitude. I am also aware there are those of you who stayed awake just to be with me consciously during the surgery. We have co-created a strong and beautiful figure eight energy pattern with a resonance conducive to bringing about the best in one another. I know my healing experience is extraordinarily unique because we are united.

A little more of what happened

When the pain started on that Saturday morning in May, I thought I was having the grandest and most painful muscle spasms of all. Four months earlier - in January - I had found out I had 2 broken vertebrae in my lower back, and they were healing beautifully. However, during those months of healing, I experienced ongoing muscle spasms and swelling in my right leg, attributed to my broken vertebrae by a doctor and physical therapist. Four months later, as my back continued to heal and just as my activity and exercise approached normal levels, the rest of the story showed itself. On that Saturday morning, after hours of intensely mounting pain and not being able to move at all, Stephen and I decided it was time to take action and I called the ambulance. BIG SHOCK & SURPRISE ... the x-rays showed the top of my femur was broken and I needed a partial hip replacement!

Most of you know I am a health enthusiast ... how did this happen? Ironically the initial injury began with doing something "healthy" for myself! Keeping my body clean and clear and in good physical alignment is meaningful to me as an important factor in generating the frequencies used in the energetic tools I co-create with our community. I have used homeopathy, nutritional and energy healing for most of my life. I have been vegan since 2015. Medications and vaccinations have not been part of my self-care. And suddenly I was in a whole different reality!

I entered the mainstream medical system with a painful splash, yet open to the modern-day medical miracles that would help me heal. Everyone I encountered was so kind, and many of them told me they practiced complementary therapies themselves. I went beyond the fear and into deep gratitude for everyone and every experience I encountered. And on that same day, with great care, they transported me to the hospital that was an hour away. It truly was a shock to be in the hospital awaiting surgery.

When I met my surgeon I asked him how he was feeling, as I knew he had already had a busy day and we had a 3-hour surgery ahead of us. In our conversation, he asked me what I did, so I told him a little about my energy work and our community. He was reflective for a moment and then said to me that his brother would appreciate the work I do. He decided then and there that he would ask his brother to assist in my surgery, as they are both orthopedic surgeons! With both brothers working, my surgery took only 1 hour and 10 minutes instead of 3 hours.

Chapter Four

It has been almost 4 weeks now since the surgery. I spent 4 days in the hospital and another 10 days in a rehabilitation hospital. I am doing very well. A nurse now comes to our home twice a week to check on me. She is the same amazing, wholehearted nurse who has tended to Stephen for the last three years. I also have physical therapy here at home twice a week. After I am able to drive again, physical therapy will continue outside the home. I'm so appreciative of all this wonderful professional care, and again gratefully aware of the energetic support I receive from so many of you. I so love us!

Speaking of energetic support, I came home only 1 day before a webinar-filled weekend of work. On Saturday, I had the Universal Bridges of Grace activations that our online community has been co-creating, and on Sunday something new: the 8 Gates series of new energetic openings occurring within the Lattice at this time in the Great Evolution.

I was apprehensive about being in this position to deliver the activations and new openings. I had "broken open" and felt my body had been compromised, and I worried: would the energy also be compromised? Would I be able to continue doing what I love, working with the energy patterns of the Great Evolution? There is no way I would ever compromise the energy we work with!

From the very beginning of Saturday's activation, the energy flowed strong and clear. With tears of joy it became apparent there are new stronger foundational energies now in place. I have indeed been "broken open" to a new level of energetic support. *Note to Self: a request that for the next big leap in energetic support, may the "break-through" be a more enjoyable experience!

Well if you are still reading and made it through to this point, thank you for listening and thank you for being YOU! ... please FEEL me ... I absolutely mean it when I say, "I so love us!"

Blessings of knowing all is well.

Infinite Love Heart to Heart,

Peggy Phoenix Dubro