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Broken... Open... Story

by Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Dear Beautiful Co-creators,

Thank you for stopping by!

Broken ... Open ... Story (*)
Chapter 1

Back in December, I was sore and swollen for most of the month. At the same time, I was a bit overzealous with my physical exercise health regimen. Now looking back, I suspect a quick walking on the treadmill exercise may have contributed to what I know now were 2 fractured vertebrae in my lower back!

Then, on January 12th, one hour before the first activation for the energy of Universal Diplomacy, I tripped on the edge of a rug. I knew being in the energy of Universal Diplomacy was going to be extra important and extra challenging! While falling, I caught myself on the dressing table in front of me. The lunge forward was quick and stopping the fall was quite abrupt. In the following weeks, I experienced intermittent excruciating pain and wondered if I had broken a rib.

Eventually, I realized I needed to make a visit to a medical doctor. X-rays revealed 2 broken vertebrae in my spine. I returned home, and with the help of physical therapy, my bones began their natural process of healing. The presence of self in my body became stronger and the energy and light flowing through my spine was increasing in a most complex and coherent way.

Broken ... Open ... Story (*)
Chapter 2

By the beginning of May, all was well, my experience seemed to be complete, and I had planned to share my little story with you. I had met the challenge and a new resonance was set. The pathways to Channel the Feminine Divine and the new Eight Gates Energy Session were a result of the new energy patterns that had been initiated within me.

HOWEVER, on May 4th the pain in my right leg suddenly became so intense I screamed in agony with every step. Finally, we called an ambulance. The new X-rays revealed a break in my hip that apparently had been there since the "January trip on the rug and alignment"! On May 5th I had a partial hip replacement and as of this writing I am at a rehab facility re-learning how to walk. In my heart and mind, I know that healing does not always happen in the way we think it should, so I continue to live and practice everything I believe, teach and more! And for sure, Infinite Love is always present!

At this point I know there will be another chapter in the story now titled "Broken ... Open (*)".

I so love us. See you all soon.

Heart to Heart in Infinite Love,
Peggy Phoenix Dubro

PS: Our wholehearted gratitude to the amazingly powerful energetic network and coherence of Infinite Support and Love generated and held by our online community and by hundreds of EMF Balancing Practitioners and Teachers around the whole world, who stood up together as one and continue building and holding that coherence. We are unique and united! We are doing this!!!

PPS: Our heartfelt thanks to David Robey, who initiated a Go Fund Me page as we are still overwhelmed by Stephen's medical expenses for all the bills accumulated for his many surgeries and hospitalization over the last couple of years and now my medical emergency. And our deep gratitude to all of you who are contributing economically there as well. If you feel moved to contribute to the Go Fund Me page, here is the link: We are both grateful to be in your thoughts, and for any size or form of energy exchange you have to offer.

PPPS: I am also grateful for the care I received from two very skillful and aware surgeons, brothers who decided to operate together as they learned about the nature of our work and to speed the time I was in surgery. The medical staff has also been very attentive and the complementary care given with great kindness.

(*) "Broken ... Open..." refers to my entire being, my entire energy broken open to receive in a new way. My foundations will be set anew and my spine is healed. Something beyond my comprehension is happening here.