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We are all Masters in Practice!

“For over 23 years in speaking to large audiences or one to one in private session, I have referred to each one of us, myself included, as being a Master in Practice. From time to time somebody would respond by saying “I am not a Master in Practice, I am already a Master!” This always gave each one of us a gift … the opportunity to practice our mastery while honoring each other’s perspective … and most of the time, it was fun!” Big smiles …Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Hello dear Master in Practice!

I always enjoyed presenting the concept of being a “Master in Practice” to people around the world because they would often breathe sighs of relief or become more relaxed. And when I explained the whole concept, they would even have a good laugh at themselves. You probably know this thing called conscious evolution or choosing to become your best self can be a bit daunting at times!

There is a basic truth in all communities that applies to all of us as consciously evolving members of the family of humanity. And that basic truth is the more we practice, the better we become. Is it possible that “Mastery” is actually an ongoing process of repetitive actions, leading us to discover new or better ways of expressing mastery in our daily lives?

Life’s experiences give us the opportunity to express ourselves. Living and expressing the noblest attributes of what it means to be human in our unique masterful way can bring great peace. We feel good about ourselves, more harmonious and in one word … happier.

Of course, the truth is there are times we may not express ourselves as masterfully as we would like. We all have experienced times we could have expressed ourselves more in alignment with our chosen way of being. The great news is you can be sure there will be another experience to give you the chance to practice that very expression of mastery again!

Can you guess what I mean by Attributes of Mastery? In the practice of mastery, we consciously choose to express the noble attributes of our humanity. Attributes such as peacefulness, balance, courage, persistence, acceptance, insightfulness … there are many more to discover along the way … unquestionably my favorite is Infinite Love! These noble attributes of mastery are states of being and feeling that we choose to express as we become more wholeheartedly present. As masters in practice our ability to balance the energy of creative chaos with the energy of conscious coherence becomes a most interesting and highly productive way to become more of who we are.


Infinite Love Heart to Heart,

Peggy Phoenix Dubro