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Be Still and Redefine

By Peggy Phoenix Dubro

There are times in life to simply be - knowing there is nothing you must do, you are more than enough exactly as you are! However, to make things interesting, there are also times to refine or even redefine and become more of who you are. SECRET: Because when you exercise your personal ability to choose, there is always more!” - Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Hello to YOU and thank you for stopping by!

It is my passion to teach others how to understand and practice the mastery of their most precious resource: their personal energy. For 23 years, my husband Stephen and I shared our perspectives in many different countries all around the world. As a profound result of all this travel and interaction, I have developed with great certainty a knowingness that each individual human is a precious member of our family of humanity. I suspect you know we are all part of the family of humanity. Collectively we are complete with family dynamics of conflict and love. Yes, we are definitely family!

I love to see how unique we are all are. We make a beautiful mosaic of life expressed multidimensionally in so many different ways. We are also all connected by a web of life often referred to as “the field”. We are part of a collective consciousness, and even as we create our personal lives we affect the collective. Seen from this perspective we are also co-creators!

For today, one more consideration: throughout recorded history, there have been many individuals known as “revolutionaries”. Now I propose is a time for “evolutionaries” to be known. It is time for an evolution of consciousness. Those of us who are ready to refine and redefine the old ways of being, thinking, and doing … are here.

Once again, I welcome YOU, dear evolutionary co-creator! A final thought for you to contemplate:

How does it feel and what does it mean when I call myself an evolutionary co-creator?”

See you again, soon!

Infinite Love Heart to Heart,
Peggy Phoenix Dubro