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Welcome Message

From Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Welcome to this website, a place where you can explore and learn how to master or at least manage your most precious resource your personal energy!

Living life energetically aware has many benefits. Becoming more aware of the energy you generate leads to the development of an ability to direct your personal energy skillfully. You then become more of who you choose to be and with greater freedom create a life of conscious choice.

You may also become aware of the collective energies all around you and learn more about how to co-create a rewarding and enjoyable life with other people, places where you live and visit, and the things that surround you.

We express our energy as individuals and as part of a collective consciousness. Here on this site we celebrate the unique expression of who we are as individuals and welcome the support and joys of coherent unity with one another.

Infinite Love Always,

Peggy Phoenix Dubro